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A Complete HR Assistant to answer Employee’s queries without human interaction

Help your HR Manager to get rid of basic queries

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A Complete Website Assistant to turn users into Happy & Engaged Customers

Automate your website Live Support

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Key Features

  • Lift-off with your First Aha! Moment

    Un-Matched Queries

    The bot identifies all the unmatched queries by users. The admin can real time add the un-matched query under Q&A. This feature builds Q&A bank and no queries are unasnwered

  • Nudge Users to Complete their Booking

    Smart Switch

    While chatbot is handling users query it is possible for the agent to switch the conversation to live from chatbot.


11 mins ago

You have not selected your meal preference for your flight to London.Select mow.

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EasyJet Air

24 mins ago

Your trip to London is coming up in 2 days. Add your Frequent Flyer number to accrue miles now

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EasyJet Air

1 Day ago

Hi Maria, Hotels are filling up fast.Don't forget to book a reservation for your upcoming trip to Atlanta.

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  • Personalize Conversations

    Personalize Conversations

    Personalize your Chatbot’s responses by filling in your most frequently asked questions and their answers. Questions can be bulk imported from your existing FAQs, and you can also create your Chatbot’s questions from your existing chat transcripts.

  • Retain Users with Customized Messaging

    Control Chatbot on Full Site, Specific Pages or Section

    You can control from the backend to display the chatbot only on landing pages or specific section or full site.

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